Personal Finance Software Reviews

Trusting the banks

Keeping track of our personal finances is largely a task we entrust to the bank. This works most of the time but errors do creep in every now and then. What can one do to shift the balance of control and reduce the chances of error? The answer lies in using personal finance software. We have already expounded on the virtues of personal finance software, here we write up some personal finance software reviews. In doing so, we raise issues such as the criterion for what makes effective personal finance software, how much should one pay, etc. Use this review as a guide-post to your final decision-making.

Reviewing software

In its most basic form, you need personal finance software that covers the transactions you currently engage in and no more. For example if you need software that tracks all accounts (checking, saving and credit card), that can send you e-mail alerts, look for one with these features but excludes fancier components like stock market investing, amortization calculator, etc. There are quite a few packages available at the moment offering different things. This is initially confusing but as keeping track of how and where your money is going is so important it would be wise to investigate all options with the personal finance software reviews.

Our list

Listed below are some of the top software's available with a brief explanation of what they can do and how much they cost, to assist you in your decision:
Quicken Starter Edition: $30.20
This software will deal with your banking and bills, reports. It also has a financial calculator to help with your tax options, and comes with support and documentation, archiving and security.
Moneydance: $39.99
This package comes with applications for banking and bills, reporting, a financial calculator, archiving and security, personal investing and support and documentation.
AceMoney: $30.00
This personal finance software comes with the abilities for banking and bills, reporting, financial calculator, tax option, archiving/security, personal investing and support and documentation.
BankTree Personal: $39.99
This package comes with banking and bills, reporting, financial calculators, archiving/security, personal investing and support and documentation.
RichOrPoor: $29.95
This software includes banking and bills, reporting, tax option, archiving/security, personal investing and support and documentation.
¬°cash: $49.90
This package includes banking and bills, reporting, archiving/security and support and documentation
Budget Express: $34.95
This software package comes with, banking and bills, reporting, financial calculator, archiving/security and support and documentation.


The best way forward is to assess your situation and try out the software that satisfies your needs. Looking into other personal finance software reviews and find out about which programs do the basics well such as balancing your checkbook and which programs do the complicated things well like taxes. You will likely have to consider the value of the total package rather than settling for personal finance software that only does half of what you need but is cheaper than its competitors. Cost is important but even more important is straightening out your financial future.

Checkbook register is an accounting device that keeps track of incoming and outgoing funds for a personal account.
Checkbook calculator tracks common checking account transactions such as ATM withdrawals, checks and credit card entries.
Personal Finance Software is more general software that gives an individual many ways to track the flow of personal income and expenses.

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