Personal Finance Education

Online and offline

Are you unsure of how to look after your money and how to plan for your future financially? A good dose of some personal finance education may be helpful. There are two ways to get taught. One is online through web courses, and another is through a local, community adult learning center. Topics include banking & budgeting, career & work, college & education, family & home, insurance, loans, real estate, retirement, taxes and lifelong investing.

Empowering your financial self

We examine these areas of personal finance education more carefully here. Banking and budgeting is an area of finance important for both short term and long term money management. Career & work is a topic of personal finance education that affects how you think about current and future employment, and the impact on pay. College & education is an important topic that is concerned with both your children's and your own future as it is affected by educaiton. Family & home is a major topic which can affect how much you pay for a house and how you structure your mortgage payments. Insurance education is important as it teaches you how to make both monthly payments and the type of insurance suitable to your degree of desired risk-taking. Educating yourself as to what types of insurance are available for you will help secure your personal financial future. Loans education helps make sure that you have the best rate of interest and how to repay it given your current income. Real estate education can be helpful if you are interested in buying and investing property. Retirement is a good topic for both young and old. It is never too late to start planning for it! Tax education is for dealing with the unavoidable. Hopefully it helps one understand what a tax filing entails and how to benefit maximally from it.

Personal education

Getting personal financial education is important for everyone, in every walk of life. As in today’s always shifting financial climate, we need to maintain some minimal awareness of the current legislation, state of banking and products that can improve the value of our money.

Checkbook register is an accounting device that keeps track of incoming and outgoing funds for a personal account.
Checkbook calculator tracks common checking account transactions such as ATM withdrawals, checks and credit card entries.
Personal Finance Software is more general software that gives an individual many ways to track the flow of personal income and expenses.

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