Check Ordering Companies

Avoid Buying Checks From Your Bank

Did you know there are cheaper alternatives to buying checks from your bank? Many people do not know that when you cash a check, it is up to the individual bank to decide whether or not to accept it.

That means it does not have to be official in any way, nor printed by the bank from which the funds are being drawn. The basic requirements a bank looks for include the name, bank account number and routing number of the payer, and the name of the payee. Other information such as the address, phone number, check index number, etc, are not strictly required. It is possible to get business checkbooks from these firms.

Order Cheap Checks From Check Ordering Companies

This means that it is possible to buy preprinted checks from third party check ordering companies that are not banks. A preprint already has the payer's name, address, phone number and bank account information inked on the front. It is often even cheaper to buy them from such third party companies than from a bank because the third parties do not charge a premium for convenience. You can order cheap checks online or order checks by mail.

Wal-mart Checks

Many people do not know that the world-renowned retailer Wal-mart has a check printing department. They supply standard personal designs that give off the official, traditional feel. Wal-mart also has a partnership with Disney to print Disney-themed checks that would be a hit with kids and those who have nostalgic memories of watching their movies. Find out more on their site Wal-mart Checks here.

Sam's Club Checks

Another big retailer, the wholesale giant Sam's Club, also has a similar offering. This is not surprising given that Sam's Club is owned by Wal-mart so is expected to carry similar lines of products. Go to Sam's Club Checks for more information.

Checks In the Mail

This online retailer supplies personal checks as well as other business products like stationery. Interestingly, they have also teamed up with Disney to offer a line of themed products including classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and modern characters like Woody from Toy Story. Users have reported finding online coupons to get a discount on orders, so be sure to check for coupons. Find out more at Checks In The Mail.


This simply named company has an easy-to-navigate website that takes you from style to style and design to design. There is a "Most Popular" category to simplify things for shoppers who do not have time to look around. In addition they carry accessories like customized checkbook covers, as well as photo-based products. Have a photo of your family or kids that you want emblazoned on your checks? Do it here. Check out 4checks yourself for more information.

Designer Checks

People interested in these cross-promotional products will be excited to see the great thing about this company is that they offer Warner Bros themes as well as the Disney themes. In addition, Designer Checks carry something they called the "Desk Set" which is a large page of three checks connected by perforations which increases the accessibility and ease of writing out payments to people. This company also offers personal labels and checkbook covers. Find out more at Designer Checks.

Checkbook register is an accounting device that keeps track of incoming and outgoing funds for a personal account.
Checkbook calculator tracks common checking account transactions such as ATM withdrawals, checks and credit card entries.
Personal Finance Software is more general software that gives an individual many ways to track the flow of personal income and expenses.

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